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Private Music Lessons
  p i a n o
  v i o l i n 
  u k u l e l e
   s o n g w r i t i n g 
  v o i c e 
  p e r f o r m a n c e

Rachel Karmel has been studying music for 20+ years. She received her Bachelor Of Science in Music Education at Hofstra University.

Prior to her degree, she performed in many private and collegiate ensembles as a vocalist. Hofstra University Chorale, Hofstra University Chamber Choir, Hofstra University’s all female a cappella group: Makin’ Treble. She held the position of Music Director for Makin’ Treble for three years and wrote several arrangements for the group to perform.

Rachel has sung in numerous different style choirs and has played violin in dozens of orchestras. 

Currently, Rachel is involved in a many musical projects: KarmaRé @karmaremusic (an original music solo project, she performs in a Jazz combo, she also often performs in Musical theatre productions, competes in popular vocal competitions and records as a studio musician. 

The various experiences in performance ensembles have shaped her personally, and have also helped mold what her teaching styles have become.

She is excited and eager to teach any age. A  believer that no matter who you are, music is a personal experience; everyone connects with music on their own level. As a teacher/ coach, Rachel focuses on technical skills, literacy skills and an emotional connection to the music.

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